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Support Your Local Sheriff: A Michael Muhney Community

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb
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A Michael Muhney Appreciation Community
The purpose of this community is to discuss all things related to Michael Muhney and his portrayed characters and movies or TV shows. Allowable posts include, but are not limited to: icons, episodic commentaries, fanfiction, fan videos, music, fan encounters, and other projects/roles. And comments on his hotness are always welcome. The title of this community is based on Michael's breakout role as the uncaring, fumbling Sheriff Lamb on the TV Show Veronica Mars.
1. All spoilers must be under a cut for one week following a new episode.
2. Casting spoilers are true spoilers. This includes most all recurring, guest, and regular cast (except those who are contracted for all episodes). Basically, when in doubt, please put all casting spoilers under a cut. There are some people who don't like to know anything about casting.
3. Any speculation (based on actual spoilers or not) must also be cut.
4. If your post does contain a spoiler or speculation, please generally indicate what the post contains in the cut text. For example "speculation on episode 3 behind cut."
5. As indicated above, comments on Lamb's hotness are always welcome unless specifically in a spoilery context. Then they are still welcome, but must be behind a hotness cut. Or cut of hotness. Whichever you prefer.
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