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16 May 2006 @ 08:17 pm
Today was a wonderful day, filled with great, promising news. I am reluctant to take much credit for what is happening to me, and if I am to take credit, I have to share it with you all. As a team, a cast, the actors on the show are thrilled to have another round of duking it out on national television. I am honored to work with the brilliant, innovative cast and work for what will probably end up being one of the most talented bosses I will ever have. I am happy for everyone involved with the show, the cast, crew, execs, everyone who has been involved and in love with Veronica Mars. I am happy for the fans, everyone who watches this show, as you all deserve to watch so much more of Veronica and her adventures. I am also quite excited for myself, as there have been hard years for me where my pilots only remain pilots, or the shows I do become mid-season replacements and fade away, or we're left with just a season, and tons of "what-could-have-beens". This is a chance to lay out under the sun, and bask in the warmth for just a little bit longer, hoping never to hear my teacher blow the whistle signaling recess is over, the daydream ends, and I have to walk back in with the rest of the group and begin our multiplication tables. The sun feels nice...

I would be remiss if I weren't thankful and aware of so much support, both for me and for the show. I want you all to know you have impacted my life, and my excitement to work on a show with such a devoted following. The cast members and the writers and producers of this show are largely aware of many of the things you all say and do, and they are thankful and grateful. But, alas, I am but one cast member, and I should only speak for myself, but I can say we all appreciate you so, so, so very much.

If there are those of you I'm forgetting, forgive me, I am deeply appreciative of you too. And with the VMars-type crowd, I am not at all fearful that you'll be too shy to point out the fact that I neglected to mention you! ;)

This is just off the top of my head, and in no particular order, but you all need to know that you're appreciated and that I know you're out there doing so much with encouragements and wonderful write-ups and beyond:

FanForum (who liked me when it wasn't at all cool to like me!), Neptunesite (thanks for the spoilers!), MarsInvestigations (you interviewed me like 28 billion years ago and probably helped start to make me cool. p.s., by the way, I FINALLY get to be in the "primary" characters section...yeah!!!), the "Guarantee a Season 3" folks (holy crap! flying planes, libraries with VMars dvd's and more!), Rack of Lamb (schnappy, idreamofpeace, you guys thought it up, and it's been a beautiful way for me to communicate with such awesome peeps), TWoP (the love, the hate, it's been wonderful...i love you too!), CouchBaron (I'm always looking forward to your unique spin and you're actually much nicer in person than I was expecting!!), Maruschka of michaelmuhney.com (you've been around since "Turks" and made a website when I thought only 3 people outside of my family might ever check it out!), Amy at zap2it (loved your compliments and wild support for the show!), the NPR podcasters (spreadin' the word, baby), Mallory and Nancy at michael-muhney.net forum (a couple hiccups, but your love has been smooth), Maureen at my Chi-town Trib (I have loved how much you have loved the show, umm, are you a LoVe fan?), all the critics out there that have been unrelenting with their support of the show, the leakers and gushers(i.e. Ausiello and Kristin, etc.), and the fans the fans the fans (I have just been lifted up by so much mail, email, gifts, candy [and yes maxymama, you were the first], chocolate [handcuffs, anyone?], c.d.'s, music [do I smell a farm animal? moo.], dvd's [some of the coolest music videos and stuff i've ever seen!], set visits, autograph seekers, the international fans [wow...that still blows me away!], the people who've stopped me in public [at the grocery store, the mall, the airport, freakin' Disneyland, and even some people who work in offices on studio lots that have stopped me before or after an audition], crap, there was even someone who posted at TWoP who said they were a fan of "Lost" and hang out in that thread but came over to congratulate VMars on a third season and welcome Tina and Me to the regular cast.

I felt magic on the set of this show while shooting the pilot, I could smell it, I'm proud I've been around since the time when this show was just an idea. I must say though, and for those of you who've met me in person know how sincere I am about this, and, at the risk of sounding cheesier than a cheesestick wrapped in a slice of Velveeta dipped in a warm Queso dip and sprinkled with grated mild cheddar, "You guys are my magic, too. All of you."

I'm not re-reading this and I won't even check for grammatical errors, run-on sentences, misspellings, etc.

Thanks for the magic, keep turning them TRICKS.
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